Versuri 6:00 AM - Eve

Winter is coming, he whisper at the edge, Of the world angels are falling deep. Do you want to see them are you affraid to fall Under the ice no one ca escape.

Truth is never clear , lies are hiding inside Words are meant to deceive The coldest eyes with a smile.


In this life is only one way out To sleep and dream the dream of being reals

Every time he tries to seek the truth It feels like living in a world of lies


Only the sound of a gun , give the taste to kill Madness takes you away, you can hear the screams

Death brings anger and pain, no one had survived , Days have come to an end , war has just begun.

Lives at the edge of a knife , blood is all you need fighting for honor , and truth is , everyone's belief

Murder religion and faith , power , money ,sin Leaders confess and they kneel ,lieing everything

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