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Abodean Skye este o formatie inceputa de Bogdan Vera (Synths, Bass) in Romania, dar care acum este bazata in Anglia. Dupa primul album intr-ul stil prog rock, formatia s-a reformat cu solistul Will Shaw (Heir Apparent, Athem, VRA) si chitaristul Henry Mahy (Omnicide, Sellsword). Ultimul album, Echoes of an Astral Empire combina elemente din muzica 8-bit si chiptune cu progressive power metal. "Space - a vast and ruthless ocean, filled with mysteries, unspeakable horrors and the heroes that must rise to their challange. Humanity, with its thirst for exploration and knowledge, braved the great unknown and colonized space, expanding ever further into the unknown reaches of the galaxy. There, in the searing crucible of interstellar war, its flaws and virtues will be tested. Will it survive and become eternal or fade away into the sable blackness of space? At the end, only memories and ghosts may remain - Echoes of an Astral Empire."...Toata biografia Abodean Skye
Abodean Skye

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