Versuri Abscess - Blacktooth Beast

Album: Abscess - Urine Junkies

Crank Skank Fat and Rank
Smells like and old Fish Tank
Clustered Zits Explode with Cheez
Yank Whore Down on Scabby Knees
Boils Grow Blow for a Blow
s**t Breath like a Pig's a*****e
Scabby Jaw Toothless Maw
Rotting Fast in Pubes Crabs Crawl

Picking Flesh Face Like Death Spread it for a bit
Of Meth World of Dog Smell
Of Log Blacktooth b***h
Decrepit Slob Spews Trap Jaw Flap
Panties Stained with Streaks of Crap
Mirror Lick Lookin' Sick
I Wouldn't Touch you with a Ten Foot Dick

Blacktooth Beast