Versuri Abscess - Death Runs Red

Album: Abscess - Tormented

[Music Corales / Words Reifert]

Blood in Torrents Wrist Sheds Life
Like Skin from a Mask of Agony
Meat Flayed Open Beyond Stitches
Plasma Soaks into the Sheets
On Death Bed once with turned to Crimson
I Lie in Bleeding Victory
Auto Destruct Liberation
Cut from Pin and Misery
Death Runs Red...

f**k Life f**k you all f**k Myself
Its time to Die
Razors Kiss deep and dark
Eyes turned upwards towards the sky

[Lead Corales]

Oblivion's Tongue licks my Cock
Extract running red as Lust
Wound agape like mouth of death
Ready to become one with the Dust

[Lead Corales]

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