Versuri Abscess - Speed Freak

Album: Abscess - Thirst For Blood, Hunger For Flesh

I've Got Worms Living in My Skin
Squeeze them out watch them crawl back in
I hear Fleas jumping in my Bed
The Teeth are falling out of my Head
All I own I Took Apart
I never finish what I Start

Speed Freak, Addicted

Junkie Whore f**k Tomorrow
Ten Bucks More She Will Swallow
Manic Menstrual Crankslut b***h
Zits are bigger than her Tits
Breathe Stinks of her Rotting Stomach
Triple X Star on her Anal Fist f**k

Speed Freak, Addicted

I Look Out the Window I See Faces Looking In
Can I Believe I am seeing things can not be
Time melts whats real who's inside my mind
Without sleep dream awake open eyes are blind

Fetus Formed just half a brain
Little bitty Baby born insane
Pneumonia in its tiny lungs
The pain of life has just begun
Dreams of what life could of been
But Mom was hooked on Methamphetamine

Speed Freak