Versuri Abscess - To Die Again

Album: Abscess - Thirst For Blood, Hunger For Flesh

Nothing, Empty, Vacant Stare
Out of Life, Blood Soaked Hair
Cooling Flesh, Color Drains
Mind Expired, Splattered Brain
Zombie Horde Tears Your Flesh
All Thats Warm Torn to Shreds
No Escape, No Way Out
Shotgun Stuck into Your Mouth
Splattered Wall, Vibrant Spray
Mind on Fire, Blown Away
Chunks of Head, Feed to Dead
On Mangled Guts the Zombies Fed

Must Respect the Dead
When the Dead Are Living
Dead Must Die Again

Empty, Rotting, Dead yet Conscious
In the Basement they have Locked Us
Barred Windows, Locked Doors
Rotting Bodies on the Floor
Steaming Flesh, Stench of Death
Bloodless Rotlung, Maggot Breath
Touch Cold, Skin Crawls
Dead Flesh lives Again
I am Dead, I am Alive
I am Moving, Rotting Inside
Take My Head off, Execute Me
Blow My Head off, Show Mercy