Versuri Abscess - Urine Junkies

Album: Abscess - Urine Junkies

Liquid Smoke e***a
Black Plastic Noose
Buttfucked by Demons
Seen just by you
Clamp on your Ballsac
c**t in a Bind
Loss of the Bladder
Loss of the Mind
Monolith Tampon
Big Greasy Smile
Intestinal Drubbling
Forming in Piles
Nails in your Forehead
Knots in your Eyes
Red Urine Junkies
Breeding like Flies
Euphoric Nightmare
Slashes and Slaps Slithering Fungi
Candles of Crap Moldified
Maggots Tears in your Skin
Dead Cerebellum Earwigs within

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