Versuri Absu - Manannn

Album: Absu - Exhibit V: Tara

[Manannn's Notions from Emain Ablhach:]
I am a wave: on the rapt Cythrul
I am a flood: across the croggy plain
I am a wind: of seven gales
I am a tear: the Sun lets fall

[Chorus I:]
I am
Mac Lir
Noble warrior of lycanthropy
I am
High King
To shake thy cloak shall bring outbreak

I am a tide: that drags to engulfment
I am a current: a compass towards Visnech
I am a tempest: the onslaught of outburst
I am a zephyr: theirs is second pain

[Chorus II:]
I am Manannn
Mac Lir
Avatar from sail to sea
Thy horse
Grand Steed
Chariots forever lead

I am an ocean's womb: of all abysms
I am a blaze: for every burning bathym
I am a lure: of the plumbless benthos
I am a breaker: bottomlessness doom

[Chorus III:]
I am
Mac Lir
Shape-changer; Lar of deep
Thy sword
"The Answerer..."

Remember me, thou art all wind
And back with gusts thou shalt return

I'm the hawk: above this cliff, behind the waves
I'm the thorn: exude this rose, yet fleece the sky

I'm the hill: where poets walk and Tara lies
I'm the throne: from a tantalizing glimpse

[Repeat 4th & 5th Verse]

[Chorus IV:]
Hear the thunder roll
I am
And fear the sky shall fall [x5]

[Repeat Chorus IV]