Versuri ACE FREHLEY - Rock Soldiers

Album: ACE FREHLEY - Frehley's Comet

[Ace Frehley, Chip Taylor]

It was back in the summer of '83
There's a reason I remember it well
I was slipping and sliding, drinkin' and drivin'
Bringin' me closer to Hell
And the Devil sat in the passenger's side
Of Delorean's automobile
He said: Hey Frehley, Frehley let's not be silly
There's a life out there to steal

Rock soldiers come
And rock soldiers go
And some hear the drum
And some never know
Rock soldiers! How do we know?
Ace is back and he told you so.
With a trooper in the mirror
and Satan on my right
We went the wrong way down a one way road
Hitting everything in sight
I cried "I am invincible"
Said I was high above the law
But my only high was just a lie
And now I'm glad I saw


Calling rock soldiers
You! Rock soldiers
Calling rock soldiers
hard rock soldiers
Friends say they'll stay with you
Right through that danger zone
But the closer you get to that fiery hole
You'll have to make it alone
When I think of how my life was spared
From that near fatal wreck
If the Devil wants to play his card game now
He's gonna have to play without an Ace in his deck!!


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