Versuri ACE FREHLEY - Something Moved

Album: ACE FREHLEY - Frehley's Comet

[Tod Howarth]

You know that something's out there
Just like those things under the bed
A fear you know when younger,
Sometimes, made up in your head.
But it ain't no apparition,
Won't pull things down into the rug
You wish that you could wake up
But both pinch and the pin, they draw blood

(And) something moved, it's out there
Someone knows you're there
Your eyes are dead and broken
Fixed in a stare without a blink
You see but don't believe it
Like a whino swearing off a drink
You live in fear for daybreak
Some warmth and comfort from the sun
All sense of time escapes you
'Cause when you look up at the clock, it's only one!


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