Versuri Acrimonious - At The Portals Of Daat

Album: Acrimonious - Purulence

A mirage in waters fiery
dimensions of terror, through travel reversal
Conscious death Acausal process
to blind Thyself with the light of Kephra

And hence creation lies shadowed
through the process of aligning the gates and the courses
lifting the veil aglowing in madness
in chaotic, vibrating leech-like darkness

Vital discontinuity, rejection of unity
all suffocating transitional motion
the fist and the Cause of Divine abortion!

'as above so below for between I have seen'

Increasing the chasms to vastness among two hearts
thus reaching the utmost desolation within Lord's Hands
Earthly paralysis, the flow's disturbed
blinding mankind's eyes with the veil of Paraketh

Excessive bursting chaos emanating from the abyssic voids
while demiourgic intervenals weaken like a gradual sunset
Sun-Set forever!

Blind blinding the blind, man against man
worthless living crippled limbs
art thou all but tools of my God
See Molok's flames burn brighter scorching the thread of life
From beyond, from beneath, ruination in colours corpselike

As we stand above the carnal bonds confinement
vanish all as I lay bare
as beneath so everywhere...