Versuri Acrimonious - Call To Disorder

Album: Acrimonious - Purulence

To the left the meritorious course was placed, spewed forth through the Dragon's mouth, immaculate and holy saliva worming into the guts,
capable of intruding mass respiration like a love call -a call of loss-.
'Yet each vital function is a sign of defeat, preventing Leviathan from His awakening, spilt blood shall reach and drench Malkuth's womb
to shape the form of most pure doom'.
Inherent by the time we cleaved the Divine Womb ablaze-aflame- a burning shaft to vibrate the all-gravitating nucleus.
Reaching back to the oceans of continuity, the gaps of the Primum Mobile, to unite all worlds and divide all nations, releasing flames
shall cleanse the multitudes.
A burden carried by our figures spineless-devouring, grim, invigorating- similar to a desert vision when all vitals attenuate, for my
Cause is serve Him who transforms wine unto poison, bliss unto suffering.

Acknowledging the eye of providence as the eye of Satan, paradise-revoked.
For where can you see Elohim' domination when decay and decadence have devoured the foundations of creation?
As the prophecy's fullness draws near all breath is ceased and the Making is tainted.
When asthmatic voices cease to respond to the call of Death, the call of Murder, the call of Rape.
Behold, a perfect symphony of disharmony, when New Jerusalem shall taste Atlantis' ending.
.. When the A and the Ω are redefined and rewritten in letters of fire, on oceans of molten limbs, on fountains of the hands of

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