Versuri Acrimonious - Dissolving Spirals

Album: Acrimonious - Purulence

Cold shivers pass through this open being
All reason vanished for the gates in between
bursting in circles to crown my eyes
with holy, emitting radiance that tears the skies

Deatharchons, demonwings and ghoulish crows
transcend my soul beyond all cosmic laws
ignite Azazel's flame and let the Self reign
(while I'm) held from dissolving spirals grant me the sight of Cain.

Raving fire scorch my eyes and cleanse the flesh
as my call resounds unto unearthly shells
neither the thickest veil shall hinder my direction
nor life's abhor touch the pathways to damnation

Seraphim, angelcunts and wingless doves
pillaged art thou and grasped by tainted claws
the Word now echoes from vaults reversed
The Law is One and emanates from Hells...depths
Dissolving Spirals

Fire liberates the I, and embers reveal my transcendence
and from this graceless height snakes cleave man's heart in deathtrance
and their sight is charged beyond the vast Great Sea
where the tree of life once stood in immense gleam
for the branches and its pillars are abruptly cracking from foul winds of oppression!
Nought and salt shall mark the end of the Great Sea
The Dragon rears his head devouring sun's beams.

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