Versuri Adept - Lets Celebrate, Gorgeous! You Know Whose Party This Is

Album: Adept - Another Year Of Disaster

One Two Three Four
Who's the centre of attention now girl
I am dressed to impress the crowd
But the celebration stops to the sound
of a bullet piercing the ballroom
Now the intensity got greater
As my body hits the floor
Oh how ironic it is that you
where my friend still you pulled the trigger
But I'll be the last one standing,
and the first to walk away from this dying place you call home
The sun has burned the last time,
she crawls in darkness with no light in sight
Like burning wings of an angel
It will turn the aftermath to dust
So smile for the camera
Lets make this agony last a lifetime
Another year gone by
But I still recall the laughter
So lets celebrate! I'm proposing a toast to the whore that you are
This, this is the last time I write a song in your name
A note without fate
I'll turn this around, and I most move along
No forgiveness
No second thoughts
No comprehension
Just a pure and simply goodbye
And as the sun heads down a the city turns pitch black
All that’s left is the sound of her footsteps leaving
Forever, it's just an empty word that often drowns behind the illusions
Yet we always try to encourage our disbelieves with such a frailty word
I often stand against the wind with my both eyes shut
Inhaling natures oldest way to tell you exactly what you want to hear
And not even once I recalled your name.
As the sun burns the horizon, and as the darkness settles in,
this night will be as lonely as the next one
However, for the first time in months I do hope for a sunrise
Tomorrow will bring me strength
Because we both know that starting over isn’t a way to begin.