Versuri AEON - Caressed By The Holy Man

Album: AEON - Rise To Dominate

Children hear the bell sound
Gather inside the bible house
1879 the holy man invites you in
He welcomes children from everywhere
To his pleasure place
The doors are close and now its time to learn the bible
But first thing first he got one rule
What happens here must never leave this room
It's not for the world outside to know
He gives you looks but you are way too young to know
All the naughty in his mind
Blessed by the holy man
Caressed by the holy man
Twenty children in the same place
What a sight for the holy man
The class is over you can dismiss
Except for you please stay a while
He got a thing for the girl Rose
And he wants her in his knee
Little girl you can never tell
This is just for you and me
He gets erected when he touches her skin
He wants to stick it deep within
Blessed by the holy man

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