Jaded Chords - Aerosmith

Aerosmith "Jaded".
Tabbed by Ross O'Keefe ross_o_keefe@hotmail.com.
Song- Jaded
Band- Aerosmith
Album- Just Push Play

This song is really easy to play, If you want the same key as the band then stick a capo on the 3rd fret. The only problem I had when working it out was the last few chords of the bridge, hard to piece them with the pitch of the vocals, anywayEnjoy.

Intro - | G | % | Cadd9 |


G                                                                       Cadd9                     G
Hey, j-jaded, youve got your mommas style but youre yesterdays child to me

So jaded,
        Cadd9   Am
You think thats where its at but is that where its supposed to be?
          C                        Am         C
Youre gettin it all over me, X  rated!


G  G/F# Em D   Bm       D
My, my  ba-by blue Ive been thinking bout you 
G  G/F# Em D   Bm    D                    Am
Why my  ba-by blue Yeah youre so Jaded, 
C (NC)
Im the one who Jaded you

Verse 2:

Hey, j-jaded, you know its misery it will always be what I love,
And hate it, so baby take a ride to the other side were thinking of
Well slip into the velvet glove  And be JADED

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge: (Last 3 chords off possibly)

D       C       D       C
Youre thinking so complicated; Ive had it all up to here
D       Am      G       Em
Well youre so overrated, loved and hated, wouldnt chain it
Love me Jaded

Guitar Solo - | G | % | Cadd9 |

Verse 3:

Hey, jaded, there aint no baby please when Im shooting the breeze with her
When everything you see is a blur,
And ecstasy is what you prefer

Final Chorus:

My, my baby blueIve been thinking bout you
Why my baby blueAlways talking bout you
My, my baby blue Yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah 
Yeah youre so Jaded (Baby)
Jaded (baby)
Yeah youre so jaded
And Im the on who Jaded you.

Outro: | G | % | Cadd9  G |

Tabbed By: Ross O'Keefe


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