Sweet Emotion Bass Tab - Aerosmith

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Hand transcribed by lil' old me...

Sweet Emotion has 3 bass riffs, each one a measure long. It's not hard to 
figure out which goes where, but I've added a line of lyrics under each
part to get you started.

   e  e  s  s  s  e  e  s  e  s  s  

(Hey, while on the subject, this is a good place to practice singing the
backing lyrics. If you get REALLY good, try singing the vocal harmony 
which is a fourth above the lead line. I think.)

   e  e. e  s  s  s  e  e  e          e. = dotted 8th note (clever, huh?)
G------------------------------          = 8th+16th (just in case)

Standing in the front just shaking your a*s
Take you backstage you can drink from my glass

   s  s  s  s  e  s  s  e  s  e  e

no lyrics over this part

You can probably figure the whole thing out from there.

please note that this posting conforms to the TAB standard in the FAQ, by
the way. It'd be nice if all TAB postings would do that, or failing that,
explain any differences at the top of the post.
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