Versuri Agathodaimon - Ne Cheama Pamintul

Album: Agathodaimon - Higher Art Of Rebellion

La voi cobor acuma, voi suflete-amagite
Si ca sa va ard fierea, o, spirite-ametite
Blestemul il invoc
Blestemul mizantropic, cu vinata lui gheara
Ca sa va scriu pe frunte, vita ce se-nfiara
Cu fierul ars in foc...

O, fiarba-va mindria in vinele stocite,
In ochii stinsi de moarte, pe frunti invinetite
De singe putrezit
Ce am de-alege oare in seaca-va fiinta?
Ce foc far-a se stinge, ce drept fara sa-mi minta
O, oameni morti de vii

Vedeti cum crapa urna, cenusa reinvie
Cum murmura trecutul cu glas de batalie
Poporului Roman
Cum umbrele se-mbraca cu zale ferecate
Si fruntile carunte le-nalta de departe
Un Cesar, un Traian

Cad putredele tronuri in marea de urgie
Se sfarma deodata cu lantul de sclavie
Si sceptrele de fier
In doua parti Infernul portalele-si deschide
Spre-a-ncapea cu mia rasufletele hide
Tiranilor ce pier

O, sfinte firi vizionare
Ce faceati (valul sa cinte, ce puneati) steaua sa cinte(zboare)
Ce creati o alta lume pe asta lume de noroi
(Noi reducem tot la pravul, azi in noi mani in ruina,)
Prosti si genii, mic si mare, sunet, sufletul, lumina
Toate-s praf, lumea-I cum este... si ca dinsa sintem noi.

Si singur stau si caut, ca uliul care cata
In inima-omenirii de viata dezbracata
Un stirv spre-a-l sfisia...

[English translation: Earth Summoning Us]

To you I now descend, oh you, deluded souls.
And to purge your sorrow, you forlorn spirits,
The curse I shall invoke
The misanthropic curse, with its sordid, purple claws
To carve your forehead, instead of cattlebrand
With iron burnt in fire

In vain will pride be seethed in veins dried up and scorched
In death-swallowed eyeballs, on foreheads purple-hued
By putrid blood that died
What can I ever chose from your exhausted entity
No fires free from dying, no undeceiving right
Oh, you dead men walking

See, how urns now burst, the ashes resurrect
Alike the past, which murmurs with the battle-cry
Of the roman empire
See the far-off shadows, they dress in steely armour
And raise their noble foreheads that gone grey
Great traian and great cesar

The rotten thrones are crumbling swept by tempests waters
The rulers iron scepters, the heavy chain of slaves
Together are now crushed
The gates of the inferno outrageously wide-opened
Engulfing now by thousands the filthy, depraved breaths
Of tyrants grim who perish

Oh, holy visionary minds, who set the stars to sing...
Who create another world on this realms of mud and grime
Fools and wise, young and old, sound, soul and light
All is dust, the world's like this, and so we all are