Interviu Metalhead Meeting Festival 2017: Agnostic Front

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Interviu Metalhead Meeting Festival 2017: Agnostic Front

In urma cu cateva luni anuntam una dintre cele mai mari surprize de la METALHEAD Meeting Festival 2017, anume formatia america Agnostic Front care vine sa cante in premiera pe o scena din Romania. Agnostic Front va canta sambata, 24 iunie, incepand cu ora 20:15 si pregateste un show de 75 de minute in care vom auzi live toate piesele acelea cu care decimam casetele in urma cu niste ani.

Veterani ai hardcore-ului american si pionieri ai genului crossover thrash, Agnostic Front si-au creat un nume imens in scena hardcore-punk din intreaga lume. Proiectul a luat nastere in 1980 la decizia lui Vinnie Stigma, iar cei 37 de ani formatia a lansat unsprezece albume de studio, cele mai apreciate fiind "Victim in Pain", "Cause For Alarm" si "Liberty and Justice For...".

Metalhead: Hello and thank you for taking a little time to answer a few questions for our readers. Is this the first time you come to Romania?

Agnostic Front: To be honest, I'm not sure something tells me we have but we have played so many shows in so many places I am starting to loose count! Still, we are very excited to play Romania!

Metalhead: What kind of energy you expect from the Romanian public?

Agnostic Front: We expect lots of energy from the public! We will be there to give them our energy and hope to fuel theirs! We love very energetic shows with lots of circle pits and stage diving!

Metalhead: How would you describe your music to somebody who has never heard your band before?

Agnostic Front: We play genuine New York Hardcore style. Our music is intense and motivated by aggression. We speak of social injustice and overcoming oppression! We are a big Hardcore family.

Metalhead: What is your favourite song to perform live?

Agnostic Front: Our favorites are For My Family, Gotta Go, A Mi Manera, Peace, Crucified and we do a great Ramones cover too!

Metalhead: What are the main elements that inspire your work?

Agnostic Front: The news. Just watching what is going on around the world is very motivated and we love to sing songs about true brotherhood and friendship.

Metalhead: What do you think is your biggest achievement as a band and what was the biggest problem that you had to overcome as a band?

Agnostic Front: Well we are still reaching for higher and greater achievements. We like to better and challenge ourselves. We have faced a few bumps early in our careers and like to think those times are over.

Metalhead: How do you feel about the internet in the music business and how important are live concerts for a band nowadays?

Agnostic Front: We are a live band! Live music is everything. Music was always meant to be live and to enjoy live. The internet has its good points and bad points. Today it is necessary but we do miss the times when all you had to rely on was your local independent record stores or small distros for finding cool music.

Metalhead: What are you preparing for your show at Metalhead Meeting Festival (new songs, anything special related to your performance)?

Agnostic Front: We are just going to prepare a for a great show and be who we are. Just play what feels right and enjoy ourselves. We never plan anything, we just put out 100% for the moment.

Metalhead: Thank you for answering, any message you want to send those who will come to see you perform at METALHEAD Meeting Festival?

Agnostic Front: Thank you for the interview and we hope to make many new friends in Romania at the festival! Cheers! Agnostic Front.

Cea de-a sasea editie METALHEAD Meeting Festival va asteapta pe 24 si 25 iunie, la Arenele Romane din Bucuresti, cu un lineup de zile mari. Pe scena sa vor urca: Cradle Of Filth, Sepultura, Behemoth, Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions Set), Ross The Boss (classic Manowar Set) Agnostic Front, Myrkur, Bucovina, Nox Vorago, Materia, Pokerface, MartYriuM, Arkana Code, Cretura, Diying Gorgeous Lies, Within The Nova, Enemynside, 5Rand si Selector.

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