Took a blowtorch to the judges feet while bums f****d his daughter.
Burned holes in her eyelids with cigarettes because she wouldn't stop crying.
Then god and godless wept for the finks, snitches, and liars.
Ammunition as currency and I'm wearing a wire.
Prayers to be answered, kidnap and murder for hire.
Wearing a suit you're as good as dead, there'll be no warning shots fire.
Shot the judge, jury, and the state executioner. Killed the lawyers, clients, and all their friends.
Killed off the victim's families one by one, laid them facing Mecca end to end.
Pray for they prey compassion in a quick and painless death.
Pray for they enemy that they should never know my face, god works in mysterious ways as i lay in wait.
Annihilate f*****g everyone, annihilate everything.
f**k the world and everyone on it.
f**k you, your god, your family.
f**k the world and everything on it.
Burn it all to the f*****g ground.
Annihilate f*****g everyone, annihilate everything. p**s where I can see you b***h.
Invisible enemies have us surrounded.
Bloodshed in infrared, multiple targets.
From enslavement to obliteration, to completely mentally retarded.
Death by my own manipulation, kill the f*****g client.

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