Versuri Akercocke - Seduced

Album: Akercocke - Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone

Venerate her under many names
As a pagan mystic rose
Perfect prostitute priestess
Face dripping with the semen of many
Initiatrix to the great work, devoted Isis
Without Osiris
Demeaned and demonized by God
A god so full of self hate
Futile hate
He loathes even his best creation
So full of hate, Full of self hate
Superior sub-rosa Sophia
Sucking the anointed at the temple
f*****g the Baptist by candle
In the trance of Horasis
Goddess soul carved in rock
Heavenly hymns hewn in stone
Mary, I am lost without you
Raising arms to the head
To the head of the bed
Breasts rise across her ribcage
Shooting thick white debris
All over her face and hair
I have no place in this World without you

[Solo Mendonca, Wilcock]