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The band was formed in early 2006, emerging from a scene of mostly melodic bands. The black metal we play is filled with aggression, thrash and death metal influences. After some years of constant gigging and sharing the stage with bands like Hecate Enthroned, Cirith Gorgor, Ancient Rites, Necrodeath, Eastern Front, Cadaveria, Keep of Kalessin, Onslaught, Endstille and many more we released our first LP - “Pandemic Dominion”(2012). In 2011 we were featured in Terrorizers Fresh Flesh Compilation and we released an EP - “Outcast Litanies”. “Romania isn’t often the first name on the lips those looking to check out thrash and death-injected black metal, but on the basis of what they’ve released thus far, Akral Necrosis look set to be the band to change all this. Crunching, biting and yet still deceptively melodic.” - Terrorizer #213, August 2011 …alternates between extreme black metal blasbeats and cool riffs, solos, breaks and everything that makes this music......Toata biografia Akral Necrosis

Stiri cu Akral Necrosis

  • Programul concertului de lansare Akral Necrosis de sambata din Quantic Club

    A mai ramas o zi pana la concertul “Deathkult Underlight” din Quantic Club, in cadrul caruia se lanseaza noile albume ale trupelor Akral Necrosis si Esperoza alaturi de invitati precum Invader, Tenebres si Saddayah. Biletele pot fi achizitionate din reteaua iabilet.ro la presale de 20 de lei, cat si in...

  • Ce ascultam saptamana aceasta la Metal Trib - editia #45

    In noul editie a emisiunii Metal Trib puteti asculta integral albumul "Back to Life - A Tribute to Goodbye to Gravity". De asemenea, Vlad a pregatit un concurs ce are ca premii doua invitatii la concertul de lansare a noului album Akral Necrosis ce va avea loc pe 12 noiembrie in club Quantic. JOIN...

  • Noul album Akral Necrosis poate fi ascultat online

    Loud Rage Music si Akral Necrosis ofera fanilor posibilitatea de a asculta “Underlight” in intregime pentru o saptamana prin pagina oficiala de bandcamp a casei de discuri. Albumul poate fi ascultat aici: https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/akral-necrosis-underlight “Underlight”,...

  • Akral Necrosis lanseaza noul album alaturi de Esperoza, Invader, Tenebres si Saddayah in Club Quantic pe 12 noiembrie

    Akral Necrosis si Esperoza lanseaza albume noi alaturi de Invader, Tenebres si Saddayah la Bucuresti pe 12 noiembrie in Quantic Club. Seara poarta numele de "Deathkult Underlight", iar ostilitatile vor incepe de la ora 20:00. Biletele sunt disponibile la pretul de 20 de lei si pot fi achizitionate din reteaua...

  • Akral Necrosis - Underlight Segregation Tour

    Odata cu lansarea albumului “Underlight” via Loud Rage Music, Akral Necrosis pleaca la drum in cadrul “Underlight Segregation Tour”. Prima serie de concerte de promovare a noului material ii aduce pe black-thrasherii bucuresteni la Sofia, Iasi, Suceava, Craiova, Cluj-Napoca si Bucuresti....

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