Versuri Akral Necrosis

The band was formed in early 2006, emerging from a scene of mostly melodic bands. The black metal we play is filled with aggression, thrash and death metal influences. After some years of constant gigging and sharing the stage with bands like Hecate Enthroned, Cirith Gorgor, Ancient Rites, Necrodeath, Eastern Front, Cadaveria, Keep of Kalessin, Onslaught, Endstille and many more we released our first LP - “Pandemic Dominion”(2012). In 2011 we were featured in Terrorizers Fresh Flesh Compilation and we released an EP - “Outcast......Biografie Akral Necrosis
Slay The Whore Versuri
House of Slavery Versuri
Now Descends the Angel Versuri
Reflections in Blood Versuri
Unveiling Deconstruction II Versuri
Unveiling Deconstruction I Versuri
Pandemic Dominion Versuri