Versuri Akral Necrosis - Pandemic Dominion

Aeons ago I was banished to hell
Only because I saw it to well (worthless weaklings)
How could he compare us to them
They are a flaw in this flawless jewel (worthless weaklings)
They all roam in a circus of sin
Nature industrialized in a global machine (worthless weaklings)
Can you not see what has come of this world
How can you be so blind, self-righteous fool?

Gallery of human deeds,
Magnificient collection of horrors 
Reign of death
Blood flooded times - over and over
... a neverending murder

How you are fallen from heaven
O, Day Star
Son of Dawn!
Cut down to the ground
He who laid the nations low
He who made the earth tremble
Hath been overthrown!

So journey with me, deep into the land
To the south lies a citadel of man
Grey are its walls, streets full of dust
An edifice of sin for many centuries past

Embodiment of light am I
Grace fall from the sky

Embodiment of hate am I
Death falls from the sky

They should burn
Of this world