Versuri Akral Necrosis - Unveiling Deconstruction II

Pestilence will come your way
Prepare global cremation
I'll tear this planet limb from limb
And send it to damnation
The universe will reek with the screams of your kinds' extinction
Your sinful ways come to an end
Start praying for salvation

Hell will be a dreams safe house, when I'm done
My wrath proves that soon mankind will be gone
My arms are called savagery and hate and the dagger
In my hand is called the avenging stabber

Behold the archways of the world painted in blood
This unholy hell named earth looks like it should
There's nothing now left where your glory once stood
Except abominations to be suffered under the dark flood

You have fallen from light
Embraced selfish genocide
Crushed life like maggots
My disciples my sunspots

Fallen so deep?

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