Versuri Alexandru Andries - 12. Till Tomorrow

Album: Alexandru Andries - Interiors

Versuri/Lyrics "Till Tomorrow" Alexandru Andries


There's a window framing all the sky
Who's this snowlike cloud flying all inside ?
Nothing else around he could borrow...

There's a table and a piece of bread
And an empty chair, and an empty bed
And a lot of time till tomorrow !

Nothing but a clock to tell the time,
Lingering his noise in and out my mind,
Standing in the dark
Like an arrow... 

There's a picture of a movie star
And a five-years old fashion calendar
And a nice long way till tomorrow...

Yesterday I met someone strange enough, 
He said: "Seems I know your face from a photograph !" 
And I said: "Never mind my face, what about my mind ?"
And he said: "Don't worry, there's a sleeping child inside..."

There's a suitcase with my things inside
But my thoughts are out, with no place to hide,
Flying back to you like a sparrow...

And the moonlight dances on the floor,
And the postman leaves papers at my door,
And the phone is out till tomorrow !

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