Versuri Alexandru Andries - 15. The Door Is Open

Album: Alexandru Andries - Interiors

Versuri/Lyrics "The Door Is Open" Alexandru Andries


The door is open,
If there is rain 
The window pane 
Will shine,
You can take your time,
Drink all the wine...

The door is open,
How come you're in ?
I've never seen 
You come...
Always on the run,
Never had the time 
To make up my mind...

"Let me in your dream...
Is there inside 
A good place to hide
Where I still could hear
Your voice in my ear 
Whispering ?..."

The door is open, 
The light is low, 
Now you will go 
What else is there to say ?
Don't you step aside,
Don't you bleed inside,
Don't you let your mind 
Take off...

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