Versuri Alexandru Andries - 5. Lazy Afternoon

Album: Alexandru Andries - Interiors

Versuri/Lyrics "Lazy Afternoon" Alexandru Andries


Lock up your telephone,
If someone calls, you won't be home,
Don't you worry !
Your lazy afternoon
Is all around you in your room,
Don't you worry !

Neighbors will never know
Why is the music low,
Why is the window open so wide,
Never mind...
Keep an eye on the street,
There may be someone worth to meet,
And if there is none
Chew your gum, yeah !

Neighbors will never guess
Who could be in your dress,
Running along a cold empty lane,
It's a shame...
Your lazy afternoon
Falls into corners of your room
Dying slow...
Was it so ?
No one knows, yeah !

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