Versuri Alexandru Andries - 7. Be Back Tomorrow

Album: Alexandru Andries - Country and Western Greatest Hits III

Versuri/Lyrics "Be Back Tomorrow" Alexandru Andries

Never thought I'd come around you
But one day I just have found you
Sitting by a drugstore frying,
In the morning after

You had eyes of gold and honey
Everything in you spelled "money" 
When I told you I was broke
You had a little laughter

And said you'll be back tomorrow
Yeah, said you'll be back tomorrow...

I had eyes to keep and need you,
I had milk and cheese to feed you,
You were walking through my rooms
A-rolling and a-singin',

Then I took you home for sleeping
In the hall the light was dripping
I could have stayed a little longer
But the bell was ringing,

I said I'll be back tomorrow,
I said I'll be back tomorrow...

Now I'm giving you this warning:
Think about tomorrow morning
When you'll wake up without me
And no one else around you...

You're so nice and you're so pretty,
You're so smart and you're so witty,
You're too much for me to bear,
I think no one can stand you...

I may not be back tomorrow,
I may not be back tomorrow...

If you got somebody near you
Always there to help and hear you,
Loving you was I just here it
Love to be protected

Don't be silly to come near me
But I took it off ?? fear me 
I've got to go to some place else
Where I won't be rejected

But I'll just be back tomorrow,
Yes I'll just be back tomorrow,
Oh, I'll just be back tomorrow,
I'll just be back tomorrow.