Se lanseaza un album tribut Alkaline Trio (audio)

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Se lanseaza un album tribut Alkaline Trio (audio)

"A3T" este numele unui album tribut pentru Alkaline Trio, semnat de diferiti artisti.

Mai multi artisti au facut coveruri personalizate dupa piese ale celor de la Alkaline Trio, iar acestea vor fi publicate pe un album tribut ce poate fi pre-comandat in aceasta locatie, unde pot fi ascultate mai multe dintre piesele A3T.

Mai jos puteti asculta cateva dintre aceste piese.

Tracklistul albumului este:

1.Spontaneo - Clavicle 02:48
2.Bright and Early - Stupid Kid 02:48
3.Punchline - Madam Me
4.Allister - My Little Needle
5.And Then There Were None - If You Had A Bad Time
6.The Lion Faced Boy - You're Dead
7.The Material - Bleeder
8.Joe Wilson - Goodbye Forever
9.I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business - Southern Rock
10.The Promise Hero - Sorry About That
11.The SpacePimps - Jaked On Green Beers
12.Jonah Matranga - I'm Dying Tomorrow
13.Rob Huddleston (of Ann Beretta) - Help Me
14.Into It. Over It. - Message From Kathlene
15.My Arcadia - Maybe I'll Catch Fire
16.When We Team Up - WarBrain
17.Hold For Swank - My Standard Break From Life
18.Weatherstar - Radio
19.Barely Blind - Nose Over Tail
20.The Catastrophe - Tuck Me In
21.Floral Terrace - This Could Be Love
22.August Premier - Sun Dials
23.Jesse Ponnock - All On Black
24.United Federation of Planets - Exploding Boy
25.Rattlesnake Gunfight - Another Innocent Girl
26.Promise of Redemption - Take Lots With Alcohol 03:43
27.Ramona - You've Got So Far To Go
28.Koji - She Took Him To The Lake
29.The Story Changes - San Francisco
30.The Icarus Account - 97
31.Still Rings True - My Friend Peter
32.The Composure - Sleepyhead
33.Time & Distance - I Lied My Face Off
34.Future Idiots - Sadie
35.In Bloom - Keep em Coming
36.Straight Outta Junior High - f**k You Aurora
37.Washington Square Park - Cop

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