Versuri ALL SHALL PERISH - Black Gold Reign

Album: ALL SHALL PERISH - Awaken The Dreamers 2008

Will they see
Will they hear
Will they see this
Will they feel this
Will they hear the
Voice of Resistance
Or will they bring us down for their bloodshed
trade us all till black gold rains
fought this fight, there's no end in sight
except for our rights. Will they blind us all?
"Be all that you can be"
Forever in vain our wasted beliefs
Erase the truth
So with that fall from grace will they burn it all down in an emphatic
Fading away
Fading away
To this time
To when we began.
Forever from cleansing the blood on our hands
Release the truth
destroyed in anguish another million faceless
And i wish we had eyes to view
our demise
tomorrow, together we rise.
With Their fallen disguise we must
hunt the despised
thieves; high class murderers
They can't
taste this anger that flows through our veins
A separation of our own god damned nation that lets us die
leaders that follow a golden tomorrow they
Bleed us dry
We let them rise