Weightless Acoustic Chords - All Time Low

Weightless (Acoustic Version)- All Time Low

Alright, so there's no tabs for the acoustic version of this song but I'm pretty 
sure this tab is basically 99% correct. Here it is.

Tuning- DADGAD

There's only five chords in this song.
G- 555700
A- 777900
D- 000700
Bm- 9991100 (thats an 11)
E- 222400

Verse- G -> A -> D -> G

G                  A
Manage me, I'm a mess
        D                      G
Turn a page, I'm a book half unread
              G                             A
I wanna be laughed at, laughed with just because
               D                             G
I wanna feel weightless and that should be enough
   but I'm stuck in this f*****g rut
waiting on a second hand pick me up
         D            G
And I'm over getting older
  If I could just find the time
Then I would never let another day go by
I'm over getting old


Maybe it's not my weekend
     D                A
But it's gonna be my year
    *A   Bm   A   D*  G             
And I'm so sick of watching
                    D             A
While the minutes pass as I go nowhere
                 Bm           A         G
And this is my reaction to everything I fear
        D               G
Cause I've been going crazy
                A                    D
I don't wanna waste another minute here


Bm               G               D
  This could be all I've waited for
Bm                G    
   This could be everything
I don't wanna dream anymore
Maybe it's not my weekend        > For this part,  
                       E         > do one strum 
But it's gonna be my year        > for each chord
                      G          > like it is 
And I've been going crazy        > in the song.
I'm stuck in here                


**For the chords in the chorus A->B->A, you have to do a really quick slide. If 
you listen to the song you'll hear it.