Versuri Altar - 07. Don't Be Bad

Album: Altar - RESPECT

that motherfuckin' business
ain't no money, ain't no money
no way out
you can't trust in yourself
you carry out
wipe the cocaine out your eyes
nobody gives a s**t for your life!

accepting a deal witthout making too much fame
there are some things you never can change
your left hand is pushing a white package
while your right is trembling
holding a 45!

$100 for your head
you got a shotgun in your back
$100 for your head
yo, brother, don't be bad !

finger on the trigger
body found in the river
just another open case
until the cops find the killer
fear on the tip of the lips
in the streets,
easy to kill but you might be easy killed

you really don't know
where leads the game you play
you can buy your protection
yeah, that's what you think
you'll get disillusioned
by the barefaced truth
you gotta know, you gotta know
there'll be too late for you!!!