Versuri Altar - 08. The Way, The Truth, The Life

Album: Altar - BORN AGAIN

The night has fallen, you're going to sleep
Someone's waiting in your dream
The pictures you see, the promise you hear
Is from the one I cannot bear

The father of lies has no power on you
If your friend is Lord or Jesus Christ
He died for your sins, gave you eternal life
Trust in Him and don't be blind!

No one can save your soul but Jesus
No one but Jesus
No one,
No one!

He said:
"I am The Way"
"The Truth"
"and The Life"
"Nobody come to the Father just through me!"
[John 14:6]

The dawn has broken deep in my heart
The lighthas come and broke the dark
The colors of dark are getting clear in my eyes
I don't want to live again in lies

Cause I was blind, but Jesus opened my eyes
He showed me The Way directly to life
He washed away my sins, my tears
My sorrow, my pain, my tears

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