Versuri Altar - Freedom

Album: Altar - Versuri ALTAR

When I ask myself who am I
When I've lost the meaning of my life
When I wish I could stop the time
I'm alone, I feel just like a clown!

Oh, my God, what can I do?
Cause I've seen the darkness of my soul
So blind, I've got a broken heart
I need faith and I need light!

I need freedom in my life...
I need freedom in my life...
Yeah, e yeah...

Sometime you look and some times you give
The beggar shouts in the middle of the street
Pain and winter on your mind
Searching for things you know you'll never find!

Hey, friend, come take my hand!
Cause I have dreamed about the Golden Land
We've got to hope and we've got to fight
We've got to know what is wrong and what is right!

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