Versuri Altar - Love

Album: Altar - Versuri ALTAR

Dead men're walking down the streets
Theiy are buried into their sins!...

There's tragedy in my society
Hey, don't you see?
This is reality
Mind destruction & ecstasy!
Truth distortion, insanity!

You are a slave of your bloody television
Live in a dreamland and illusion
Fake emotions, manipulation
Fanatic leaders and prostitution!

God loves you so much that he gave his son
Loves you so much, so much!

Inside is nothing, inside is dark
Inside the Devil, deep inside your heart;
So cool, so good, yeah, that's what you say
A sure ticket to hell, oh, this is your way!

The darkness of your soul
Would never go away
If you don't pray and pray and pray all day!
The snake's inside your soul
And would never go away
If you don't ask the Lord to take it away!!!

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