Versuri Altar - Manifest Yourself

Album: Altar - Versuri ALTAR

Yo, friend, with that stupid smile on your face
You're just another victim of this ugly human race
Wake up! and realize - you're a living target
The holy hunt in every second can be started
Yeah, it can be started!

Checkmate, I'll kick your a*s
Don't make me do something like that!

Manifest yourself !
Until they understand
Manifest yourself !
Come on now!

One of these days
Ya fell in disgrace
The violence of the streets
Ya have to face... Yeah!
Do what you want!! Do!
Go where you want! Go!
Your stepparents said to never come home
Yeah, never come home !

At the weekend, there's no happy-end
Far away from your own motherfuckin' land
A bad reputation, you're a ??? the nation
You're livin' in a ghetto ?
You're brother is a killer!

Hello, hello, I wanna know
Somebody tell me what are you livin' for
Why the truth they always hide?
Please, mommy, come
And sing me another lullaby,
A mother fuckin' lullaby!...

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