Versuri Altar - Mr. President

Album: Altar - Versuri ALTAR

Last night by chance we shot the president
It doesn't matter - we've got another one
Today we have a new and a fuckin' goverment
Now look! what have you done ?!

Last night the people were on the streets
Wanted a promise or any hope
Today we've fallen into real misery
Wake up! it's not a joke!

Mr. president! Mr. president! Mr. president!
You're shiny but you ain't got a friend!

Lies, I cannot trust in their lies
They are the exploiters of our lives
Whatever you're trying to do
Their invisible hands're capturing you!

Tonight we' ll shoot the new president
And i will be the "mr. president"
You'll never see the real democracy
What will be? An anarchy!

Mr. president I kill you!

Forgive me, father...
For i have sinned...

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