Versuri Altar - Story Of My Life

Album: Altar - Versuri ALTAR

Well, I'm here, that's me. Look at me!
Or you are too blind too see?
I love you more than you love yourself
You'd better praise the god
To guide you and protect.

Nothing is yours and nothing is mine
My country, my place, my mind
We are here to learn, to hate, to cry
To love, to die then fly

Story of my life...
Story of my life...


Story of my life...
Story of my life...
Story of my life...

Happiness on your face, It's just a mask.
You never get enough of money, drugs & sex
I am the only one with empty hands
I can't trust anymore and i can't stand.

There's a step between pleasure and pain
I feel the message right in my veins
I can make you cry and i can make you laugh
You're my man so tell me what you want !?

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