Versuri Altar - Think About

Album: Altar - Versuri ALTAR

The man on the street thinks about his life
He had wings but couldn't fly
He starts to cry, cause he can't see the light
He's like an orphan child inside.

The rising sun is shining not for you
Everyday you try to break the shadows through
Living for the moment, riding alone
Redigging the memories, killing the future
Shouting the empriness loud!

Do you ever think about love?
Do you ever think about God?
Don't you know only God, only God
can take you home!
can take you home...

Now you're string but your way is wrong
Who's gonna catch you if you fall?
Sometimes you think that you're the chosen one
But this world is your jail you cannot run, from...

I know one day you will find the peace in your mind
If yo praise the lord, your heart will be so alive!
You will learn to live again, but never alone!
God be with you, brother I care
And I'm gonna pray for your way!

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