Versuri Amagortis - Evil s**t

Album: Amagortis - Abominable

Welcome to the party
Feel free, feel free
And grep a beer

Burbs! Farts!
Sick people
Enjoy the trip

Evil s**t pure madness
Don't try to kill yourself
Pure madness
Evil s**t pure fear
You hear just desperate cries
Pure fear

Welcome to the massacre
Feel bleed and grep a

Sword! your head fooling in the blood
Gun! one shot in the middle of your face
Knife! I cut your eyes out and f**k the hole

Horror Story's in the party house
The murder had buried
The body of his victim
He had some deadly cuts
Killing is so funny
And when I die you're my slave in paradise
Something gives me
The most trilling experience
It is even better than
Getting your rocks off with a girl
The best part of it
Is that when I die I will be reborn
And those I have killed
Will become my slaves

Evil s**t, pure darkness
You'll never find the let out
pure darkness
Evil s**t, true death
Immortal and never forgotten
EVIL s**t!