Versuri Amagortis - Overdose Per Hole

Album: Amagortis - Pre-natal Cannibalism

Arriving in an unknown town,
Just trying to find a calm place
For me and my worst dependence,
Feed the holes...overdose
No need to hide my intentions,
Getting drunk and stoned as hell
The gin was just a part of it
Feed the holes... overdose

Killer stuff and liquid devil,
Grinding sound for insane people
Haunts my brain, out of control,
Feed the holes... overdose
Then I saw this gorgeous girl
With green eyes she looked so nice
A three-hole slut to my surprise
Feed the holes... overdose

You lie screaming in my bed
Ram my dick deep down your c**t

Whore – Try to swallow this oral dick f**k
Whore – Let me stretch your a*s with anal fisting
Whore – I pound your face to pulp, bleeding, worthless
Whore – I rape you more and more

You lie screaming in my bed
Ram my dick deep down your c**t

Relentless pumping of my loins
No need to insert any coins
Your a*s gets drenched by s**t and cum
Feed the holes... overdose
Stuck my dick between your tits
You smell the s**t, you puke your soul
I splash my sperm right in this hole
Feed the holes... overdose

I fist your c**t to chewing gum
A reek of blood and s**t and cum
For this, my b***h, I need no gun
Feed the holes... overdose
Worthless little green-eyed slut
I love you for this killer f**k
But now it's time to say goodbye...

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