Versuri Amagortis - Teabagged To Death

Album: Amagortis - Pre-natal Cannibalism

The other night I had a craving
For some fresh warm dripping meat
So I went out to find a crack-whore
Not too infested with disease

Once I found a suitable specimen and took her in my truck
I noticed I had a hard-on and that I needed a f**k

Though this b***h didn't look too bad
The state of her c**t was pretty bad
It seemed she had some sort of crust
Made of blood, cum, s**t and pus

So I asked her, "b***h, how much for a blowjob?"
She said, "For ten bucks I'll suck your dick like a doorknob"
I whipped it out, she took it deep-throat
That's when I started feeling disgust and doubt

While she was sucking and slurping away
I decided to put an end to this play
So I grabbed my knife, sharpened and white
And prepared to put an end to her filthy life

Teabagged to death – I brought that knife down into her neck
Teabagged to death – My testicles in her mouth trembled as she retched
Teabagged to death – I didn't expect she'd bite down so hard
Teabagged to death – I had to slit her guts open to get my f*****g balls out

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