Amaranthe au anuntat data lansarii noului album

de Cristi Nedelcu

Amaranthe au anuntat data lansarii noului album

Cel de-al saselea material al trupei va fi lansat pe 28 august via Nuclear Blast Records.

"Our sixth album is now completely DONE! Last Sunday, a few select press members and music industry professionals got the opportunity to hear our new effort, and the response was overwhelming, fanning our flames of excitement even further!

We can now offically unveil that the album will be out on August 28th, and the entire Amaranthe band and team is smouldering with anticipation to unleash this monster upon an unsuspecting world. Stay tuned for the most monumental and accomplished AMARANTHE record to date!", a declarat trupa.

De pe viitorul material, trupa a lansat in luna februraie single-ul "Do Or Die", care este in colaborare cu fosta solista a trupei Arch Enemy, Angela Gossow.

Piesa o puteti asculta mai jos.

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