Versuri Amnesia - Bright Lights Indicate DANGER! (BLID!)

Album: Amnesia - Rock-A-Saurus

[Strofa 1]
Tonight in my car
I'm waiting for you outside the house
Hurry up! x3
Your dad hope he doesn't know
Where your hands are now ready to blow.
To blow! x3

You're slipping down my sight
Making me lose my mind
It's going to be a long ride!
She's breathing hard on my neck
Taking off her sweaty dress
No secrets to hide.
The night has just begun!

[Strofa 2]
80 miles per hour
Going faster now that you're going downwards.
Don't stop! x3
Bright lights shining back
It's your dad at the wheel
'think he found out that you're gone!
You're gone! x3

[Refren] x2