Versuri Amnesia - Ithyphallophobia

Album: Amnesia - Rock-A-Saurus

[Strofa 1]
In violence they're trying to keep the peace
Or at least that's what they think
But the world's still a disaster
In a rain of lies, crumbling faster.
Useless ends surround us in our sight
Faking out future bright
As we fall and see no light
It's time to rise and face our final fight!

[Refren x2]
We're taking control!
While the world collides
And you're trying to hide

[Strofa 2]
Crawling now from our unknown hole
With vengeance in our soul
We raise our fists up in the sky
And fighting for what's right in this whole lie
We took it all and said no g*****n word
We hid and spoke the unheard
Planning from the shadow our next move
So your guilt will finally show and prove to you.

[Refren x4]
While the world collides and you're trying to hide x3