My Only One ver2 Chords - Amy Macdonald

Amy Macdonald - My only one
as I play it on

Intro: C

[C]After all the mistakes have been and [Am]gone
You're [C]still standing here, standing [F]strong
And I for[C]give all the wrongs that you have [Am] ever done
'cause you're [F]still the [G]only [C]one

[C]The apple of your mother's [Am]eye
Your [C]life it passed your father [F]by
I bet he [C]whishes that he was there [Am]too      
So much grace and [F]poise yeah you're [G]always right on [C]cue

And there were [F]times
You know it's [G]true
When the [C]whole world
Was [E]looking at [Am]you
They changed their [F]minds from day to [G]night
One minute you're [C]wrong then the [E]next thing you're [Am]right
God rest your [F]soul 
Keep standing [G]tall my only [C]one

[C]There's still a twinkle in your [Am]eye
[C]Even after we say good[F]bye
You're always [C]there in spirit and in [Am]mind
I'll be with [F]you until the [G]end of [C]time