Versuri Anachronaeon - The Message

Album: Anachronaeon - The Futile Quest for Immortality

Ten thousand years ago
We received a message from your galaxy
A message that filled our hearts with joy
A chance to exchange experiences and knowledge

You spoke of a green paradise in the cold dead space
A place where life against all odds did grow
Life sprung from water to pursue a life on land
evolution gave mammals a leading role

We did come - we heard your call
But found no life at all

We came to late - was it fate
The rage in you became your fall

A flock of monkeys learned to stand erect
invented tools and weapons to kill and gain respect
You said that much has changed since then
But none of our people ever kill our own men

Your thirst to lead and kill
was the guiding force for your development
This green oasis you called Tellus
destroyed by your need for possessions


Ten thousand years too late
But lucky not to feel your hate
So many things you could learn from us
You could have lived on...


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