Versuri Anachronaeon - Towards Purity

Album: Anachronaeon - The Futile Quest for Immortality

Towards purity you strive and you will see
the essence of humanity does not rhyme well
in this machinery

Your emotions
are obstacles for the corporate machine
Your flaws well hidden
A key to success

Soon you are there
excitement turns to apathy
Dreams so far away
Not meant for this state of efficiency

Colleagues turn to numbers
in an equation of stocks
No such thing as friends anymore
just parts in a complex engine

I see your future now
so vividly
Resentment, fear and loneliness I see

An old, bitter man
living in excess
in every aspect but love

A well hidden diminished being
in echoing halls of wealth

Most people see a luxurious palace
and dream of it
I see a mausoleum
a tomb for a deserted soul

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