Versuri Anal Cunt - Dead, Gay And Dropped

Album: Anal Cunt - 40 More Reasons To Hate Us

shannon hoon,you're dead,kurt cobain,you're dead,jerry garcia,you're dead
elton john,you're gay,joe bonni,you're gay,jm j bullock,you're gay
bolt thrower,you're dropped,suffocation,you're dropped,napalm death,you're

you're deader than sharon tate and her baby,you've swallowed more cum than
rod stewart,you've sold less records than old lady drivers,you're dead,you're
gay,you're dropped

pedro zamora,you're dead,freddie mercury,you're dead,mr. jessup,you're dead
michael stipe,you're gay,quentin crisp,you're gay,fred schneider,you're gay
sacred reich,you're dropped,cathedral,you're dropped,immolation,you're

you're deader than rock hudson and liberace,you've swallowed more cum than
truman capote,you've sold less records than candiru and dead world,you're
dead,you're gay,you're dropped.

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